Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, pruritic inflammation of the epidermis and dermis which often coexists with asthma, allergies and/or rhinitis. It commonly affects infants, children and adolescents of both sexes. Symptoms include: Xeroderma (dry skin) Pruritus (itching) Intolerance to woolen fabrics Intolerance to detergents, cleansers etc. Clinical examination diagnoses: Papules Red, scaly plaques Scabs Follicular […]


  Neonatal acne is a benign, acne-like rash occurring in the first 30 days of a newborn’s life and is correlated to sebaceous glands hyperplasia. From a clinical perspective,  comedones, pustules and papules appear, typically in the areas of the face, the back and the chest. Very often, neonatal acne is a precursor of adult […]


Baby acne occurs approximately between the 3rd and the 4th month of the baby’s life. It is also a precursor of acne during adolescence and may be due to hereditary predisposition of acne by the parents. The clinical examination reveals pustules, papules, nodules and comedones as in all other forms of acne. There is also […]


It is a close relative of simple acne with some variations. Often confluent pustules develop, creating inflammatory plaques. In these cases differential diagnosis should be performed to distinguish the condition from other forms of perioral dermatitis. Treatment consists of topical acne agents and topical or oral antibiotics.


  It is the benign epithelial hyperplasia caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Symptoms are exactly the same as for adults. In children warts are usually contracted at school, at home, at the gym, the swimming pool etc. Warts develop on the palms, the soles of the feet, the face, the genitals or the […]


  It is due to overactive seborrheic glands in the scalp, face and the groin, also known as tinea cruris. It occurs more often in males and is related to Pityrosporum Ovale. Clinically, confluent yellow plaques are seen, heavily flaky. Treatment is applied as need may be using topical antifungal medicines and dedicated shampoos, depending […]


  It is rash developing in the groin and the anal area of multifactorial etiology. It is also called diaper rash because it develops at children young enough to wear diapers. Irritation caused by prolonged contact with ammonia, urine and feces is a factor causing this specific type of dermatitis as is obviously the growth […]