Hand eczema affects the hands and may have several causes , such as allergic eczema, irritant eczema, atopic eczema, dishidrotic eczema etc.

In our days, eczematous dermatitis is very common, due to our exposure to irritant chemicals, such as detergents, alkalis, acids (spirit, frequent hand washing, antiseptics) combined with cold weather and dry atmosphere.

Clinical characteristics of the irritant eczema include dryness, redness, pruritus (itching), burning sensation, hyperkeratosis, skin cracks often painful.

Dr Demetrios Karafoulidis recommends the use of protective gloves in order to reduce the frequency of hand washing; in case it is not feasible, it is strongly recommended to apply a regenerative cream after hand cleansing for their moisturizing.

Wearing gloves means that we have to disinfect them with antiseptic, as germs can be found and transmitted on them. We should not touch our face with them. We use gloves in order to avoid irritation of the skin and have to comply with hygiene rules as if we would NOT have used them.

In the case of hands irritant eczema the application of regenerative cream and topical steroids is recommended for the continuous moisturizing and use of protective gloves.

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